Finding his solace in self-expression, make-up guru Aditya Madiraju shares his breakout success story

Finding his solace in self-expression, make-up guru Aditya Madiraju shares his breakout success story

Beauty is a term that has notably evolved and given shape to an industry that has grown far beyond the fashion industry. With self-expression being the general zeitgeist of today, the beauty industry has heralded this sentiment by leaps and bounds over the years. Aditya Madiraju stands right at the forefront of this evolving ecosystem of the beauty industry. With a following of over a million on Instagram, makeup enthusiast, Madiraju has managed to challenge the current status quo of inclusivity with a mix of makeup tutorials, immaculately curated fashion choices, and a glimpse into his life with his husband and daughter. 


Although the makeup enthusiast’s career began in biotechnology and Risk Data Management, his rendezvous with beauty dates earlier. His story with makeup began as a kid in Delhi, where his mom and cousins provided a perfect canvas for his art. In 2020, a casual conversation with his husband led to a viral makeup tutorial reel, that forever altered his trajectory. Now a global makeup artist admired by Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, the artist wants to continue to rally for men to be the face of makeup. Read on as we talk to Madiraju about his journey, his view on the beauty industry, and much more.

Aditya's Style Tips for the Nola Skirt SetBeautiful colors and a very summery destination wedding vibe! The key to nailing the makeup is going monochrome (eyes, cheeks, and lips) with purples, dark pinks, or plums.



Tell me about the first video that you posted in 2020. It was International Men’s Day. What significance did that serve?

For me, the video was more of an art than makeup. I was nervous because, for the very first time, I was wearing makeup rather than doing it on someone. It felt good but I was also very skeptical about the reaction my audience would have. I genuinely felt like I embraced makeup fully that day and wasn’t scared of it anymore.



I would love to know your thought process behind the post that was such a pivoting moment for your career.

The thought process was straightforward. I was locked in the house, and I wanted to be creative, and that’s the simple reason why I did my makeup and posted it. It so happened to be International Men’s Day, and that was perfect timing. I think it was a pivoting moment because, after that day, I haven’t stopped posting makeup tips and tricks at all.  I would say that the creative gates opened, and then I realized that there was an audience that really enjoyed it and appreciated the effort, which is a good feeling. 

For the Kinsley Set, Aditya notes: The vibe is very relaxed yet glamorous. The florals and sheer on the skirt and bustier already bring drama. I would keep the makeup very bronzed, minimal, and clean. A nude glossy lip with big lashes and earth-tone blush.



You’re always coming up with makeup tips that seem to resonate with your audience. Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from problems. If there is a makeup problem, let’s solve it. And then make it very easy so someone who is a beginner can also do it. I also come from an art background and thrive on colors and pigments and the process of making a masterpiece on a face rather than a canvas!

Your skincare and makeup videos have revolutionized the brown-skin beauty world. While inclusivity remains a hot topic in fashion and beauty alike, what is your view on where things currently stand? 

Things are good. Things are definitely improving with respect to inclusivity. But we have to go a long way. Makeup and fashion are art forms for me. Art is a perspective, and it can’t be narrow. We need to do more work to change the mindset about being gender-neutral. Colors and pigments are not owned by any one gender. And we definitely need to see more brown representation in both worlds. Our culture has brought so much to the makeup artistry world and there is still a lot more to be explored. It makes me happy to see empowered brown folks leading the industry in the last five years! 

For this Little Black Bow set, Aditya suggests: Though the colors are popping, there are no restrictions on having fun! You can wear bold wing eyeliner and even a blurred red lip if you are daring enough! (Think of it like you are color-blocking your entire look.) Not for the faint of fashion heart!


Who are your go-to beauty influencers for inspiration?

I am constantly inspired by a wide number of creatives on social media today, but in particular, I love watching the work of @glamzilla @mikaylajmakeup @hungvanngo @katiejanehughes @mariodedivanovic 

If you were asked to give one takeaway on beauty, what would it be? 

Beauty is a simple expression of self. It’s a reflection of what your thoughts are. And it can never be owned by any one gender.


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