OUSHQ means timeless--- timeless legacy, timeless artistry, timeless fashion, timeless inspiration. Rooted in transcending style borders, OUSHQ is a cultural movement, allowing Indian wear to have a moment and place with anyone who desires the best.

our mission

Cultured. Curated. Curious. Creative

Our collections are thoughtfully curated by industry insiders, giving each look its own essence. We provide standardized sizing and white glove tailoring services for a customized fit that's undeniably you.

ŌUSHQ is a culturally rich retail platform rooted in immersive discovery, delivering highly curated ready-to-wear clothing and accessories to the fashion-indulgent customer.


Oushq (pronounced Ooshk) means timeless in Arabic and has lived rent-free in the corridors of my mind for several years now. Conceptually, Oushq is a love letter through Indian fashion to the rest of the world. Literally, Oushq is a retail platform that delivers highly curated ready-to-wear and accessories to the fashion curious, sharing the allure of Indian fashion with a global community.

For me personally, Oushq runs deeper. As a small girl, growing up in the 1980s on the outskirts of London, being Indian was seen as a flaw, an after-thought. We were a minority. I experienced my immediate family changing their names to assimilate: I remember distinctly how we struggled with identity, but also how my mother managed to blend her fashion sensibility so seamlessly between the two cultures. She taught me how to embrace Indian fashion in a way that was so unique but also made sense in the world we lived in. I always dreamt of giving the same gift to as many people as possible. Enter Oushq.

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