A designer, model, and mother, Gabriella Demetriades tells all

A designer, model, and mother, Gabriella Demetriades tells all


Gabriella Demetriades is a name that has earned a place amongst the fashion world's elite in India. A name that holds its own when it comes to making women from all walks of life feel at the peak of their sensual best. With a tagline, ‘Sexy comes in all sizes.’, Demetriades’s label Deme is helmed as one of the fastest-selling labels in India today. Dressing some of the biggest names in Bollywood, Deme has successfully cracked the code that places the brand on a global market. 


Demetriades started her stint with fashion at a young age in South Africa. Raised in a family with a haberdashery and fabric business passed down by her grandmother and a mother who owned a knitwear label, the model-turned-designer always knew she wanted to be a designer. Her initial steps as a model helped her gain the funds, learn the inroads, and instill the confidence to start her own label. On her recent trip to the city (New York), the designer sat with us for a quick chat. We dabbled into it all, from her initial vision for the brand to being a mom and a businesswoman. 


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Hey Gabby (a moniker chosen by those she is close to), can you tell us about your initial vision for Deme and how it has changed over time? 

I wanted to make clothes for women. I felt that something sensual and standout but also comfortable and affordable was missing, something premium that made you feel special for your big occasions. 

Was it always RTW that you aimed for? Was there a specific sensibility you wanted to tap into with your designs?

Yes, I wanted to make clothes that women wanted to wear, clothes that were beautiful and made them feel something. I think that’s so important; people want to have an experience when dressing and make a mark with what they wear. Whatever your aesthetic or sensibility, I think the common thread is the feeling. 



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Can you tell me more about your designs and where you draw inspiration from?

I’ve always been very interested in the female form and how to make it look its best, how we can create something that looks a little longer, a little more mysterious, more curve there, less somewhere else; I love how a great silhouette can do that, I read and travel a lot and am used to a lot more for work, I’m inspired by periods of time and then making those modern, for instance, I’ve been reading a lot about New York in the ‘50s, being there I wanted to take that experience of a small town girl building her New York wardrobe and what would that be. 


If Deme were to be described in three words, what would they be?

Sensual, standout, and exciting. 


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Breaking into the expansive market of Indian fashion is not easy. How were you able to create a niche of your own? What challenges did you face?

I faced many challenges, including hiring the right people and growing too quickly while having little knowledge of how to run a business. In between, I took a pause to reassess, unlearn, and return to what I actually envisioned. 


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Tell me more about managing a business with the cutest toddler in town. How does being a mom play in with you running the business?

Now, mom to 2! It’s tough; it’s always that feeling of guilt towards both, either not enough time at work or not enough time being a mom, or if I am home a lot, then I’m still working as an entrepreneur. It never ends. I’m trying to find the balance, but it’s tough for a woman. 

So, what’s next for Deme? What does the future look like?

There are a few exciting international launches and collaborations, which I can’t mention now, but I’m really feeling the shift and excited for this year. We’re also doing a very special fashion event at the end of the year that’s not in India, will drop that soon. As well as a jewelry collaboration, we are also doing another season of the handbag collaboration, which did so well. Other product lines are also working. So, all in all, a lot is happening, and the future is definitely glorious and exciting for the brand and me as a designer. I look forward to growing and learning from all these various opportunities and continuing to build a brand that honors the women it dresses. 


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